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We regret to announce the closing of the Seidokwan Academy of Judo after 68 years, one of the oldest Judo clubs in Quebec. 

Seidokwan was founded as a non-profit club with volunteer senseiís and many supporters back in 1952. We are therefore sad to announce its closing and wish to thank all its past senseiís, yudansha (Black belts), and members who devoted so much time and effort to the club. 

While the club has closed there will be many fond memories of practising Judo at the club and the great friendships that developed over the past 68 years.  

We would like to pay tribute to the past members of Seidokwan and you can read the history of the founding of the Seidokwan back in 1952, the memories from a speech given at the 40th Anniversary, and the 60th Anniversary Commemorative handout which provides a list of many of our past members. 

The current list of Senseiís who dedicated so much time and efforts during the past 10-20 years is provided in the Our Senseis section of the Web site. 

Lastly, we wish want to thank all the past Seidokwan members, young and old, for their support and loyalty to the club. 

We encourage everyone to continue your Judo studies as itís a great disciple, especially for the young to stay active, improve your physical and mental well being but more importantly to learn self control and respect of others. You may find more information about Judo and other clubs by going to Judo Quebec at:  https://judo-quebec.qc.ca/




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